Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writing Workshop at Laurel Books

Readers Write, Writers Read

A writing workshop for book lovers; a book group for writers

Leila Abu-Saba, MFA, leads a unique writing experience at the Laurel Bookstore in which writers at all levels of skill will revel in our love of fiction while creating new work together. For six weeks we will read three great modern novels, let them inspire our own writing, and share our insights and efforts in class. If you love to read and long to write, or you are an experienced writer who wants to integrate love of literature into your practice, this workshop is for you.

Class activities will include writing exercises and book discussion. This is not a critique group: emphasis is on first-draft inspiration and exploring fiction for its pleasures. Be prepared to read three novels over the course of six weeks (one book every two weeks); get ready to find new depths and explore strange territory in your writing; and enjoy listening to fresh writing from your classmates and teacher!

Who: Leila Abu-Saba, MFA Creative Writing, English instructor College of Alameda (2007)
What: Six week writing workshop using unique teaching method geared to booklovers and writers at all levels

When: March 30-May 4 2009; Mondays, 7-9 pm. Final reading, May 11, 7 pm.

Where: Laurel Books, 4100 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland, CA

Why: Spark writers' creativity under the influence of literary masters.

Class reading list:
The Bear, William Faulkner
Age of Orphans, Laleh Khadivi (Bloomsbury, March 2009)
Gilead Marilynn Robinson

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