Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slow Gardening

The NY Times finally prints a gardening article that totally expresses my philosophy.

Slow Gardening.

I call it Darwinian gardening - if it can't survive my neglect, then it doesn't belong in my garden. Native plants do well in such conditions.

And when I first saw a picture of a bottle tree, I said: I HAVE TO HAVE THAT. But I don't want to risk putting it in the front yard here in Oakland, for fear passing rowdies might be tempted to do the wrong thing.

But the back yard. Now there's an idea... a bottle tree in the back yard! Must start collecting blue bottles (my favorite color).

Meanwhile, look for local gardener and writer Adina Sara's new book, part memoir: The Imperfect Gardener. She's another gardener whose ideas resonate.

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