Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Grandmother's Bulghur and Tomatoes

Last night my husband thought there was "nothing to eat" in the fridge because he saw no meat. Hah! I had just shopped at the farmer's market, and the pantry is full of grains and canned beans.

I made him this bulghur pilaf with tomatoes that my cousin taught me. She calls it "Sitteh's bulghur" because it was our grandmother's favorite dish. (Sitteh means grandmother in Arabic). For extra protein I added a can of chickpeas at the last. Instead of just black pepper, I used Spanish smoked paprika.

A head of cauliflower from the farmer's market got the steam/sautee treatment, using cumin, ginger, turmeric, allspice and garlic. Yum.

Hubby calls this "hippie food." Since he grew up in Berkeley, he doesn't mean this in a kind way, but he has had to acknowledge his secret inner hippie in recent years. He likes Harbin Hot Springs, he likes quinoa salad, he likes this pilaf. He is finally tired of Atkins and has begun eating high fiber whole grains: hippie food.


  1. I was your hubby. In many ways I still am.
    Meat makes a meal. Maybe even: Meat makes a man.
    BUT, since I've been able to figure out how to cook Asian (whew! what a long miserable learning experience), I eat far less meat. Maybe it is the rice noodles and the flavorings that fool me into thinking there is more meat than there really is.
    All I know is, I have dropped 10 pounds.

    btw, I mostly use chicken and fish, but have now branched out into ducks, quail and "giveaways" from my game hunting friends who are cleaning out their freezers for the coming years hunts. Tasty!

  2. Mr. Ear, you confused me. No way my ex-husband would comment here, or announce himself as my ex. We are on good terms but ... I was very puzzled.

    You mean, you were LIKE my hubby. Ok, got it.