Monday, February 16, 2009

Urban Bees

Gotta love UC Berkeley. Our neighbor John Donivan posted this link to the UC Berkeley Urban Bees project.

Lots of bees live around the Laurel; I know of at least two beekeepers who sell honey. Scientists at Cal noticed the bees in the Oakland and Berkeley hills and decided to study them nearly a decade ago. Now they are cultivating a bee garden over on Oxford Street (see above). Since my mother-in-law lives nearby, I pass the garden all the time, but had no idea what they were up to.

Look out for Mr. Bruno's honey at Farmer Joe's - I don't know if he is selling it this year, but I've bought jars of it in years past to give as Christmas gifts. The other beekeeper advertises with a sign posted in a yard on 39th Avenue, on the steep slope, with email and phone number.

You can't get more local than Laurel District honey.

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