Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Foods You Aren't Eating

The NY Times published a list of "Eleven Best Foods You Aren't Eating" last year that's still bouncing around the internet. I only saw it this week, and I love it.

The list made me think of two favorite obsessions: our local produce, and what to keep in the pantry.

Fresh in season right now and available at Farmer Joe's, House of Produce, Food Mill, and the Laurel Farmer's Market:
Beets - lower blood pressure
Cabbage - strong anticancer properties
Swiss Chard

Pomegranates went out of season a couple of months ago, but the fruits grow locally, and of course you can still buy bottled pomegranate juice. I want to plant a bush in my garden.

Dried plums - if you have a dehydrator, you could harvest plums for free in late June and make your own. Or buy them.

Frozen blueberries - not local at all, but of course Farmer Joe's and Food Mill have them, organic natch.

Pumpkin seeds - available in the Hispanic spices rack as well as in the bulk nuts and seeds departments. Look for pepitas.

Canned goods: Pumpkin and sardines. Don't leave home without 'em! Remember my pumpkin tahini recipe? And there's always pumpkin pie, and pumpkin muffins or pancakes. Pumpkin soup! I also like sardines and use them for fast protein.

Spices: cinnamon and turmeric. Look for Ramos brand spices at Farmer Joe's; they also stock various organic and non-irradiated brands for good prices. I like Food Mill for bulk spices and tea as well.

So scan this list and see what you aren't eating. If you eat all of these already, then congratulate yourself for making good healthy choices. Then notice that you can buy everything in the neighborhood.

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