Friday, February 13, 2009

Think Global, Eat Laurel

You may know the old slogan: Think global, act local. It drives the work of many in the Laurel, those who: build community gardens, work on behalf of the schools, shop local, ride their bicycles or take public transit, install solar panels, and more.

Our local choices affect global issues. Food choices in particular affect climate, pollution, the environment, social justice and culture.

This blog's motto reflects the concept of think global, act local. I aim to post about not just eating in the Laurel, but many other actions we take in our daily lives here that affect us in our homes but also affect our society and even the planet. It's a big topic, sure.

Foraging for food at this blog will mean going to Walgreen's as well as Farmer Joe's, visiting the Food Mill, the farmers' markets, and Lucky's. I plan to go to International and Foothill Boulevards and other areas of Oakland, looking for good food and signs of community and sustainable living.

Merritt College
up the hill from us has a distinguished horticulture program, with many classes on permaculture. Check this blog for news of plant sales and other events.

I will post on earthquake preparedness and food security, solar ovens, and plenty of other issues that seem related to living sustainably here in the Laurel. Please check in regularly, and post your comments below.

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