Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Food Files Online

I have been hanging out on the internet a very long time, and have published more than a few of my favorite Lebanese, Palestinian, Sephardic, Egyptian and miscellaneous recipes.

Baba Ghannoush - roasted eggplant dip

Baba Ghannoush Souffle - roasted eggplant souffle

Black-eyed Peas and Spinach

Bulghur and Tomatoes - Sitteh's recipe

Carrot Salads - Two Moroccan Recipes from Claudia Roden

Chicken in a pot

Dried figs preserved in geranium syrup

Egyptian Red Lentil Soup. The most famous red lentil soup on the internet. Sometimes.

Grape leaves

Hummous - chickpea and tahini dip

Heshwah - spiced meat and nut mixture for rice pilaf or stuffed vegetables

Kafta in a tray with potatoes - roasted spiced ground meat

Kibbeh - ground meat & cracked wheat with onions and pine nuts, baked

Kusa bi Jibneh - Arab or Sephardic zucchini and cheese gratin

Lentil Soup with variations

Lebanese Mezze 101 - tips for putting on a basic Lebanese appetizer meal

Lubia Matbookha - Green beans and meat stew

Mjaddarah - lentils and rice with caramelized onions

Pumpkin Tahini - from Clifford Wright

Roz bi shaghria - Rice pilaf with vermicelli. Pictured here, covered with heshwah.

Spiced baked chicken - Moroccan flavors, American recipe

Stuffed cabbage

Tabbouli - parsley and bulghur wheat salad

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