Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marmalade Party

We now have two houses for the marmalade-making party in the Laurel on March 7, 2009. Check the Yahoo newsgroup for information, and join if you want to be a part of this neighborhood effort.

Or start your own canning and preserve-making group in your area! I find I am more likely to do something if I have help and a structure - I am just not going to make plum jam this year unless I get people to join me. Turns out a lot of other people in my neighborhood feel the same way.

We're working on a location and date for sauerkraut next; ten people want to do it already so we are hoping we can get a church kitchen.

Meanwhile - I see in the local food magazine, Edible East Bay, that three women have marmalade businesses and are selling the product at thirteen dollars a jar. No wonder everybody wants to learn to make the stuff with foraged fruit!

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